About Us

GardnerParts can trace its history back well over 100 years to the manufacture of a range of diesel engines at the original factory in Eccles, Manchester. We have always had a reputation for supplying quality products and we continue with that ethos. Decades of experience in all aspects of our business ensures we offer a competitive range of transmission components as well as still servicing the requirements of the Diesel Engine range.

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The Facilities

We are located in the town of Leyland in England’s industrial North West. Leyland is a town that has been involved with the production of Trucks, Buses and components for over 120 years.

We work out of modern premises with our main warehouse having 28,000 sq ft of storage space and the capacity for over 10,000 lines of stock. In addition we have on the same site bulk storage warehousing covering an additional 37,000 sq ft

We have modern offices with facilities for customer presentations and meetings. Dealing with over 70 countries we welcome visitors from all corners of the globe on a regular basis.

The Team

An efficient business requires staff with skills in all sectors such as management, sales, purchasing, finance, warehousing, administration etc. We have an excellent core of staff with many years of expertise in each field.

Sales Team

You can be sure that when you speak to our sales team you will be talking to people with a wealth of knowledge built up over the decades where they have been involved with the transmission business.

In many cases that experience is literally hands on experience so when you describe how a component fits to another they have that level of understanding.

They are able to identify exactly what you require using direct links into the manufacturers systems. In many cases we forward you a diagram so that you can highlight exactly what you require and then come back to you with a cost effective solution.

We have known many of our customers and suppliers for many years and we value the depth of those relationships.

Our Sales Team left to right, Colin Riggon, Neil Whittle and Tim Godfree.

Purchasing Team

We can only be competitive in the marketplace if we buy on a competitive basis. Purchasing have the task of ensuring we do that and have sufficient stocks to serve our clients. We have bespoke IT systems that predict stock requirements and calculate order placement dates to ensure we work with supplier lead-times and have stock on the shelf.

Warehouse Team

Responsible for receiving goods, checking quality, locating stock, picking orders, packing for domestic or international delivery

Finance Team

Responsible for ensuring we receive payments in line with customer terms and make payments to suppliers in a timely manner. As we process so many part lines the matching of supplier invoices to purchases and general control of the finance process is vitally important.


Bringing all the functions together to work effectively, ensuring we have controls and systems in place and continue to develop the business is the role of the management team

The Group

GardnerParts is just one of the divisions of Leyland Exports Ltd, a group involved in the distribution of Truck, Bus and Engine parts worldwide.

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  • Gardner Parts
  • Leyland Bus Parts
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